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Pre Orders - Limited Inventory

Each month, we receive a limited shipment of our top-tier equipment directly from our factory. Due to the overwhelming demand for our units, we are now offering you the ability to put down a deposit to reserve equipment. 

Program Rules:

      1. Choose your desired equipment from our pre order inventory.
      2. Place a deposit 10% today. (deposit is fully refundable.)
      3. The balance is due on the date shown at checkout.


      • Can I inspect my equipment before settling the remaining amount?
        Absolutely! You can schedule a video call or come by to view your equipment before completing the payment.

      • How can I verify the equipment shown to me is indeed mine?
        Every piece of equipment has a unique Serial Number (SN) on its frame. This ensures you're seeing and receiving the exact mower you selected.

      • How long do I have to complete the payment?
        Once the remaining balance due date passes, you have a grace period of 7 days to settle the remaining payment. If the payment isn't made within this timeframe, your item will be sold to the next person on the list and your deposit will be refunded.

      • What are the benefits of doing this?
        Our equipment sells out fast which leaves a lot of customers ordering directly from China. Buying a per order allows you to get the best possible price and reserve your equipment now saving you a lot of time. You can see the mower by video or by coming our warehouse by to check it out. 

      • What happens if I cannot pay after 7 business days?
        Rest assured, if you don't finalize the payment within the 7-day window, your initial deposit will be automatically refunded. Also, the mower will be sold to the next person on the preorder list or will be listed for sale

NOTE: We will not release your equipment to you without settling the remaining balance. 

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Which model Mowers are available for pre order

Which model Excavators are available for pre order? 

Which model Skid Steers are available for pre order? 

  • Burly380 With bucket and fork lift attachment

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