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Mini 1.0 Ton Excavator - Mini Excavators

Mini 1.0 Ton Excavator - Mini Excavators

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Unveil the Power of Precision with Our Versatile Mini Excavator!

Maximize your productivity with the groundbreaking precision of our latest Mini Excavator, designed for the modern builder. Immerse yourself in a world where power meets agility, and efficiency is synonymous with performance.

Key Features:

  • Peak Performance: Harness the strength of 16 horsepower in a compact design. With a mighty 1609 lbs working weight and an impressive 16865 lbs digging force, our mini excavator moves the earth easily and precisely
  • Engineered for Versatility: Whether you're navigating left or right, the 55° swing angle ensures optimal flexibility in tight spaces, complemented by a substantial digging reach of over 9 feet.
  • Designed to Excel: With a digging depth of almost 5 feet and a dump height of over 5 feet, the possibilities are as vast as your projects demand.
  • Compact Efficiency: This model is not just about power; it's about fitting that power into your workspace. With adjustable heights reaching almost 82 inches and a narrow width of just over 32 inches, this excavator redefines space efficiency.


  • Superior control with a double body gear pump and robust EPA-compliant engine options.
  • Maintain steady progress on slopes with a 30° gradability and precise swing control for meticulous earthmoving.
  • Navigate with confidence with a low ground pressure of 2.76 psi, preserving the integrity of your work area.

This Mini Excavator is more than a machine; it's a partner in construction, a champion in landscaping, and a workhorse in excavation. Its thoughtful design encapsulates the essence of American engineering, offering an unparalleled combination of might, maneuverability, and efficiency.

Embrace the future of excavation with our Mini Excavator, where each scoop is a step towards completion, and every turn is a testament to technological advancement.

Upgrade to a seamless construction experience. Your projects deserve the best—our Mini Excavator delivers just that.


  • Rated power: 9.2kW (16 horsepower)
  • Bucket capacity: 0.025m³ (0.88 cubic feet)
  • Engine model: KOOP/ChangChai192/Briggs & Stratton with EPA
  • Working weight: 730KG (1,609 lbs)
  • Digging force: 75KN (16,865 lbs)
  • Pump type: Double body gear pump
  • Set working pressure: 25Mpa (3,625 psi)
  • Swing speed: 12Rpm (12 revolutions per minute)
  • Walking speed: 3Km/h (1.86 mph)
  • Gradeability: 30° (Angle)
  • Ground specific pressure: 19Kpa (2.76 psi)


  • Side swing angle: left 55°/right 55°
  • Maximum digging distance: 3010mm (118.11 inches)
  • Maximum digging depth: 1520mm (59.84 inches)
  • Maximum digging height: 2400mm (94.49 inches)
  • Maximum dump height: 1610mm (63.39 inches)
  • Minimum radius of rotation: 1360mm (53.54 inches)
  • Max. ground clearance of dozer blade: 140mm (5.51 inches)
  • Maximum support depth of dozer blade: 200mm (7.87 inches)


  • Total width: 830-880mm (32.68-34.65 inches)
  • Total height: 1370-2080mm (53.94-81.89 inches)
  • Total length: 2780mm (109.45 inches)
  • Track ground length: 1140mm (44.88 inches)
  • Wooden box packaging outer diameter: 2860mm*940mm*1570mm (112.60" x 37.01" x 61.81")

*This item will arrive to your door and a lift gate will be used to get it off the delivery vehicle.

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